Organizing and Saving Money

Organizing and Saving Money

Organizing and Saving Money

How Getting Organized Will Save You Money

  1. You’ll waste less food, and waste less money on groceries you won’t eat. When you know what food you have on hand, you can build meal plans around your ingredients. This will save you money at the store because you won’t have to buy as much.
  2. You won’t make repeat purchases. Have you ever bought a replacement because you couldn’t find something? Get organized and this won’t happen as much.
  3. You’ll save on bills. You’ll avoid late fees, and you’ll be able to see new ways you could save on your expenses. Instead of spending time trying to settle delinquent bills, you can call up your providers and ask for discounts!
  4. You’ll have more time. Once you’re more organized, you won’t spend so much time trying to find things. You can use that extra time for making more money to pay off your debts or add to your savings.
  5. You’ll discover more ways to save. Once you get rid of the clutter in your house, you’ll free your mind up to figure out more ways to cut back or earn more.
  6. You can turn your clutter into cash. If you sell your used items, you can use that money towards your debt or savings. Here’s some ideas for how to sell your used items, and advice on what to do with the items you can’t sell but still want to get rid of.
  7. Getting organized will keep you busy. If you’re trying to keep yourself from spending, decluttering your home, getting organized, and creating systems will keep you out of the stores.
  8. You will probably find something you need. That might even be money! In the process of decluttering and organizing, you’re likely to find things like un-cashed checks, gift certificates, and even cash. A nice reward for your organizing efforts!
  9. You can save on gas by combining your errands. Get things done without the expense of driving around town multiple times a week.
  10. You’ll start to see how little you really need. There’s something about going through your things and decluttering that can help you to see how much you really have.

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